Wild Animals

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    Learn More About Fascinating Wild Animals in Africa!

    Presented by World Book, Wild Animals is part of our Learning Ladders series. Find out about roaring lions, zebras, giraffes, huge hippos, spotted cheetahs, and many other exciting wild animals! This beloved learning library features beautiful artwork and photographs to capture the interest and imagination of very young children. In this book, you can discover facts about many of the different animals who make their homes in the grasslands of Africa.


    Key Highlights

    Some interesting facts about wild animals in Africa:

    • A rhino has terrible eyesight. Sometimes it charges at trees, thinking they are big, scary animals!
    • A giraffe can wrap its extremely long tongue around its head! It even uses its tongue to wash behind its ears!
    • When two lions from the same pride meet, they rub their heads together. This shows that they are friends!

    Learning Ladders Series by World Book:
    The Ladders series is designed to reinforce reading skills and enlarge children’s vocabulary while introducing nonfiction topics. Each volume in this richly visual learning library includes basic lessons tied closely to such early childhood nonfiction topics as animal babies, community helpers, dinosaurs, habitats, landforms, patterns in nature, plants, trucks, weather, and many more. The spreads include introductory text, colorful illustrations with detailed captions, and photographs that show real-world examples of the featured topic.

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