Christmas in Italy

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    Christmas Traditions and Customs in Italy

    World Book’s Christmas in Italy is a richly illustrated, 80-page volume about Christmas traditions in Italy. The text and illustrations combine to show how people celebrate a favorite Italian holiday, from its roots in pagan rituals to its continued relevance in modern times.

    How is Christmas celebrated in Italy?

    Italy is a land of diverse regions; Christmas customs are just as varied as the weather. Christmas in Italy today is still very much a religious holiday. But for Italians the Christmas season is also a joyous time of good will and sharing.

    Christmas in Italy begins with the ways that people prepare for the holiday in their homes and in their cities. The book introduces the beloved figure of Saint Nicholas, depicts how streets and homes are decorated, and describes the delectable foods families savor as part of the traditional Italian celebration of Christmas. From age-old ways of decorating the tree to shopping in special Christmas markets, the legend of La Befana, crib displays, and unique customs specific to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Christmas in Italy captures the spirit of the holiday in this southern European nation.

    Christmas Around the World:

    Christmas in Italy is a part of World Book’s Christmas Around the World series. Each volume includes detailed recipes for traditional Christmas foods, illustrated instructions for traditional national crafts, and words and music to beloved carols. The text is suitable for all grade levels.


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