Year Book 2016

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    Recall the extraordinary events and prominent people of 2015

    The perfect resource for school reports
    Your children will use the 2016 Year Book over and over to complete homework and school projects. That’s because it provides current, well-organized information on topics most often studied in school curriculums.

    Simplify the complex issues that constantly change the world
    The 2016 Year Book is a professionally researched time capsule of the most significant events of the past year. With this comprehensive resource, your family will better understand the events and contributions that continue to change your lives.

    Key Highlights

    • 480 pages of absorbing information.
    • Over 450 full-color photos, maps, and tables.
    • Over 250 new articles, covering the most significant events of 2015.
    • 80 pages of new or completely revised information reprinted from The 2016 World Book Encyclopedia.


    Chronicles 2015’s most important events

    This month-by-month listing of the past year’s most significant news stories provides a quick reference for names, dates, and key facts. Each month includes a pictorial review of events that recalls the year’s triumphs, tragedies, and milestones. Not only is your 2016 Year Book an important reference for current events, but it also promises to remain a valuable resource for the future.


    It takes only a few minutes to place the handy Cross-Reference Tabs, found at the front of your 2016 Year Book, on the appropriate pages of your World Book set. Each tab contains a specific reference to your 2016 Year Book. After you place the tabs in your World Book set, they will automatically direct you to the exact page in the 2016 Year Book where updated or additional information can be found on the subject. This keeps your set completely up to date, reduces research time, and enhances the value of your investment.

    SKU: 92922 •  ISBN: 978-0-7166-0510-2 •  Pages: 480 •  7 1/4 x 9 3/4  •  Interest Level: All Ages