Christmas in Italy and Vatican City

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    Experience the unique and charming holiday traditions of Italy and Vatican City.

    Italy, a country in southern Europe, is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. With Christmas in Italy, this beautiful, 80-page, hardcover book from World Book’s Christmas Around the World series, you will take a holiday journey through this diverse region—from snow-covered Alps to sun-baked Sicily to Vatican City, the smallest independent nation in the world.

    Christmas really began in Italy. Christ was born in Bethlehem, but his birth was first celebrated in Rome almost 300 years later when Emperor Constantine adopted the new faith of Christianity, bringing a season of holiness and reverence for Christ.

    Today, Christmas in Italy is still a religious holiday. Thousands of visitors come to Vatican City to see the Christmas masses that are said by the pope. Although religion is very important to Italians, the Christmas season is filled with fun. Opera season opens in December, as well as ski vacations. In Sicily, handcrafted puppets act out fairy tales and legendary battles in beloved puppet shows. Discover the legend of La Befana, where she, not Santa Clause, traditionally brings gifts to the children of Italy.

    Beautiful color photographs, craft and decorating ideas, fascinating tidbits of history, as well as song lyrics and classic recipes for such dishes as spaghetti with tuna, cannoli, and almond macaroons, plus so many more holiday customs and traditions fill the pages of Christmas in Italy.

    Christmas in Italy and Vatican City will give you a wealth of wonderful ways to celebrate the holiday season, Italian style!

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