Icy Worlds

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    Explore Earth’s coldest regions and the variety of ice formations that define these places. Icy Worlds examines the climate, landscape, and animal life of the polar regions to discover what these places can teach us about our planet, its past, and its future.

    Icy Worlds was designed with visual learners in mind. The book features striking photographs, illustrations, and maps to support children’s understanding of the material. The inventive page design embeds text in illustrations to hold the reader’s attention. The text is structured to emphasize main points and facilitate comprehension and retention.

    Key Highlights

  • Includes fact boxes and sidebars that offer fascinating details to further readers’ understanding of the material.
  • A glossary, index, and list of additional print and Internet resources for further reading appear at the end of the book.
  • Provides cross-curricular content for elementary and middle school students.
  • Reviews

    “Whether you are in an elementary, middle, or high school, this set is a must; the titles cover topics in most curricula. At my high school, I anticipate our World Language and Social Studies teachers using Wonders of the World and The Age of Knights and Castles, our astronomy teacher using Space Exploration, and the Social Studies and Science departments using Inventions and Discoveries. Many of the books will also be interesting to upper elementary and middle school students who are looking for a nonfiction read.”

    Library Media Connection

    “A Look At . . . is a remarkable storehouse of interesting and exciting information…. A review probably doesn’t do justice to this magnificent series; the volumes must be seen to be fully appreciated. This set is highly recommended for school and public libraries serving patrons ages 9-14. This would also be a valuable addition to home libraries.

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    SKU: LAK02 |  ISBN:  |  Pages: 64 |  8 1/2 x 10 1/2  |  Interest Level: Ages 8-14
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