Dr. Birdley Teaches Science: Forces and Motion

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    Newton’s laws come to life with the everyday connections to sports and movement in Nevin Katz’s terrific cartoons. Help your students make those connections with this amazing new resource.

    The Dr. Birdley series developed by Nevin Katz, a talented middle and high school science teacher and cartoonist, makes science content accessible and interesting to a wide range of students. Mr. Katz has created a cartoon personality Dr. Birdley who introduces key science concepts and vocabulary. In addition to the cartoons, the book includes reproducible student activity pages, background information, study questions, graphic organizers, and quizzes.

    SKU: IP1708 |  ISBN: 9780865305410 |  Pages: 96 |  8.5 x 11  |  Interest Level: Grades 5-12
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