Christmas in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

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    Walk in the Old Cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem and enter an ancient world of the Bible in modern times.

    Christmas in Bethlehem and Jerusalem will take you on a tour of the cities that make up a central part of the Christmas

    story. Your travels will begin in Nazareth, where an angel appeared to a maiden named Mary to tell her she would conceive a child of the Holy Spirit. Nazareth was the home of Jesus from the time of his childhood until he began his ministry. Your tour will take you to many meaningful places, such as the Church of St. Gabriel, built during the reign of the Emperor Constantine. You also will follow the Jesus Trail, a walk from Nazareth to Capernaum––but wear comfortable shoes because the walk may take four to five days, at about 10 miles each day! Don’t worry. There are a myriad of inns and guesthouses along the way that offer accommodations.

    As you can imagine, Christmas in the city of Bethlehem––the city where Jesus was born––is a major event. What was once a small village at the time of Christ’s birth is now a bustling town. The streets are strung with Christmas lights, and there are holiday markets and plays to enjoy. Bethlehem hosts many religious services and processions. Many of the Christmas processions pass through Manger Square, the plaza outside the Basilica of the Nativity, which stands on the traditional site where Jesus was born. Your final stop on this Christmas tour is Jerusalem. To walk in the Old City of Jerusalem is to enter an ancient world of the Bible in modern times. Jerusalem is a city considered holy by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. Here you will visit the Western Wall, sometimes called the Wailing Wall. You also will tour the sites Christ visited at the end of his life. The Via Dolorosa follows the traditional route that Christ took during his trial, execution, and burial.

    In Christmas in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, you will find the traditional recipes of stuffed dates, and maamoul, delicate little cookies decorated by pressing the filled pastries in a mold or by using a fork. You also will find easy step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Christmas ornaments––cheerful clay angels, silver stars, and cookie-cutter wreaths. You will also find the lyrics and music to favorite Christmas carols. The pages of Christmas in Bethlehem and Jerusalem are filled with interesting information, full-color maps, photographs of famous sites, beautiful images of famous works of art, and so much more.

    You and your family will have a joyful and unforgettable experience discovering Christmas in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.


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